Dwayne E. Paré

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As class sizes increase, methods of assessments shift from costly traditional approaches (e.g. expert-graded writing assignments) to more economic and logistically feasible methods (e.g. multiple-choice testing, computer-automated scoring, or peer assessment). While each method of assessment has its merits, it is peer assessment in particular, especially(More)
It has been demonstrated previously that, for some experimental paradigms, Web-based research can reliably replicate lab-based results. Yet questions remain as to what types of research can be reproduced, and where differences arise when they cannot be. The present article examines the effect of research location (laboratory vs. online) on normative data(More)
The Turing test was originally conceived by Alan Turing [20] to determine if a machine had achieved human-level intelligence. Although no longer taken as a comprehensive measure of human intelligence, passing the Turing test remains an interesting challenge as evidenced by the still unclaimed Loebner prize[7], a high profile prize for the first AI to pass a(More)
While there is now general agreement that memory gives rise to both conscious and unconscious influences, there remains disagreement concerning the process architecture underlying these distinct influences. Do they arise from independent underlying systems (e.g., Jacoby, 1991) or from systems that are interactive (e.g., Joordens & Merikle, 1993)? In the(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the sensitivity and specificity of a physician's assessment that a patient "appears chronically ill" for the detection of poor health status. METHODS The health status of 126 adult outpatients was determined using the 12-Item Short Form Health Survey (SF-12). Physician participants (n = 111 residents and faculty) viewed photographs(More)
As educational technologies become more commonplace, they are often created with the intention of benefiting students through some novel approach, or to fill a perceived educational gap. While these rationales are good ones, it should also be realized that through the use of innovative technologies educators and researchers alike are presented with a unique(More)
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