Dwayne D. Sheehan

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A cross-sectional survey of postpartum women following discharge from five hospitals in Ontario, Canada, examined breatfeeding patterns and risk factors for early discontinuation. Consenting mothers completed self-administered questionnaires prior to discharge (n = 1250) and telephone interviews at 4 weeks postdischarge (n = 875). Breastfeeding initiation(More)
A cross-sectional survey of 1,250 mothers of "normal" newborn infants was conducted to assess mother and infant characteristics as well as the costs of health and social services used in the first 4 weeks after discharge from hospital in the province of Ontario, Canada. Each mother was asked to recall use of services for herself and her infant. This(More)
The Ontario Mother and Infant Survey examined health and social service utilization of postpartum women and newborn infants from five hospital sites. A cross-sectional multilanguage survey design with longitudinal follow-up was used: 1,250 eligible, consenting women completed a self-report questionnaire in hospital and 875 women participated in a structured(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine infant feeding practices up to 8 weeks postpartum in Hamilton-Wentworth. METHODS A cross-sectional survey of 227 women using a pre-discharge, self-administered questionnaire, medical record review and follow-up telephone interview. RESULTS Breastfeeding initiation rate was 85%. By 6-8 weeks postpartum, 30% of women had stopped(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine trends and regional variations in perinatal mortality and low birthweight (LBW) and regional variations in socio-economic risk factors. METHODS Population-based study of Central West Region of Ontario with approximately 28,000 births annually during the period 1988-1995 using vital statistics records and Census data. RESULTS AND(More)
Until recently exergaming was seldom a topic of research. The technology that makes exergaming possible was not available to consumers. In 2006, Nintendo released the Wii gaming system. This new system allowed for interactive physical movement beyond simple hand held play. The Wii system contained hardware and software that responded to movements of the(More)
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