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* This paper is part of a World Bank project investigating the impact of economic reforms on households in Vietnam. The opinions expressed are solely those of the authors, and do not represent the opinions of the World Bank or the Government of Vietnam. We thank Daniel Lee for exceptional research assistance, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research(More)
The astonishing increase in computer performance over the past two decades has made it possible for economists to base many statistical inferences on simulated, or bootstrap, distributions rather than on distributions obtained from asymptotic theory. In this paper, I review some of the basic ideas of bootstrap inference. The paper discusses Monte Carlo(More)
Deborah Davis-Friedmann (1991) described the " retirement " pattern of the Chinese elderly in the pre-reform era as " ceaseless toil " : lacking sufficient means of support, the elderly had to work their entire lives. In this paper we re-cast the metaphor of ceaseless toil in a labor supply model, where we highlight the role of age and deteriorating health.(More)
Worswick for their comments. Benjamin and Brandt thank the SSHRC for financial support. We also thank IDRC for their financial support of the collaborative data collection efforts with the Research Center for Rural Economy in Beijing. Abstract This paper investigates the consequences of imperfect and uneven factor market development for farm efficiency in(More)
The farm household model has played a central role in improving the understanding of small-scale agricultural households and non-farm enterprises. Under the assumptions that all current and future markets exist and that farmers treat all prices as given, the model simplifies households' simultaneous production and consumption decisions into a recursive form(More)
This is a revised version of a paper prepared for the IEA World Congress panel sessions on " Global Inequality: Where Are We and Where Are We Headed, " Buenos Aires, August 23-27, 1999. We thank Richard Freeman and conference participants for comments. Benjamin and Brandt thank the SSHRC for financial support. Abstract Market reforms are generally credited(More)
Microcapillary HPLC electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry was used to sequence 15 peptides eluted from HLA-B7. Sequence alignment implicated four peptide positions in specific interactions with the class I molecule, and their importance was confirmed using synthetic peptides. Because no crystal structure for HLA-B7 was available,(More)
The crystal structure of the common house mite (Dermatophagoides sp.) Der p 2 allergen was solved at 2.15 A resolution using the MAD phasing technique, and refined to an R-factor of 0.209. The refined atomic model, which reveals an immunoglobulin-like tertiary fold, differs in important ways from the previously described NMR structure, because the two(More)
The dermatophyte fungus Trichophyton exhibits unique immunologic properties by its ability to cause both immediate and delayed type hypersensitivity. An 83-kDa Trichophyton tonsurans allergen (Tri t 4) was previously shown to elicit distinct T lymphocyte cytokine profiles in vitro. The homologous protein, Tri r 4, was cloned from a Trichophyton rubrum cDNA(More)