Dwain O Owensby

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The authors investigated the prevalence of immediate (Type I) hypersensitivity to gloves made from natural rubber latex, or NRL, by performing skin-prick tests on 2,166 dental workers over the course of a two-year period (with two one-year intervals). The investigator used two separate eluents made from different brands of natural rubber latex gloves. The(More)
BACKGROUND The effect of cholesterol-lowering therapy on death from coronary heart disease in older patients with previous coronary heart disease and average cholesterol levels is uncertain. OBJECTIVE To compare the relative and absolute effects of pravastatin on cardiovascular disease outcomes in patients with coronary heart disease who are 65 years of(More)
BACKGROUND Heart failure is a common and costly condition, particularly in the elderly. A range of models of interventions have shown the capacity to decrease hospitalizations and improve health-related outcomes. Potentially, cardiac rehabilitation models can also improve outcomes. AIM To assess the impact of a nurse-coordinated multidisciplinary, cardiac(More)
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