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Many simple population models exhibit the period doubling route to chaos as a single parameter, commonly the growth rate, is increased. Here we examine the effect of an immigration process on such models and explain why in the case of one-dimensional ("single-humped") maps, immigration often tends to suppress chaos and stabilise equilibrium behaviour or(More)
Scallop counts from vessel-towed underwater camera systems are highly spatially autocorrelated and zero inflated, reflecting the patchiness of scallop distributions. Model-based estimation methods can be used to extrapolate observations along the observed track to larger areas. Such data are often spatially aggregated before analysis to increase the(More)
Introduction Using data from a paired-tow calibration experiment, the goal is to estimate the efficiency of the NMFS scallop survey dredge relative to that of the HabCam. The HabCam survey instrument is usually assumed to be 100% efficient so that the absolute efficiency of the survey dredge can be estimated. However, the relative efficiency of the NMFS(More)
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