Duygu Kişla

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Stuffed mussel is a traditional food, sold by street vendors in coastal parts of Turkey and other Mediterranean countries. In the present study, the microbiological quality of not only the stuffing mixture, but also the outer surface of the stuffed mussels was evaluated for 1 year, and the effect of the ambient temperatures on the prevalence and the count(More)
A new bacterial strain, displaying potent antimicrobial properties against gram-negative and gram-positive pathogenic bacteria, was isolated from food. Based on its phenotypical and biochemical properties as well as its 16S rRNA gene sequence, the bacterium was identified as Paenibacillus polymyxa and it was designated as strain OSY-DF. The antimicrobials(More)
In this study, the antimicrobial effects of both traditional and commercial pomegranate sour sauce samples on some green vegetables and also on "kısır" which is a popular and traditional appetizer in Turkey were investigated. The inhibitory effect of the pomegranate products on the naturally existing bacterial microflora of lettuce, spring onion, parsley(More)
Street foods are becoming more and more prominent in countries all over the world. There are many reports of disease due to consumption of street foods contaminated by pathogens. With the modern trend toward more natural preservatives, the use of organic acids can achieve a good microbiological safety in food. In the present study, stuffed mussels were(More)
Chicken meat in two different forms (chicken meat and chicken meat powder) were added into white flour and whole wheat blend baguette bread formulations for protein enrichment and finally developing new and healthy snacks. The chicken meat and powder levels were 10% for white flour baguette, and 15% for whole wheat blend. The dried baguette samples were(More)
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