Duygu Bayram

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This study presents a Wavelet based Neuro-Detector approach employed to detect the aging indications of an electric motor. Analysis of the aging indications, which can be seen in the low frequency region, is performed using vibration signals. More specifically, two vibration signals are observed for healthy and faulty (aged) cases which are measured from(More)
This study is related to determination of the ferroresonance phenomenon for Seyitomer-Isiklar part of the Electric Power System of 380 kV in Turkey. In this manner, Simulation data, which is produced from the Matlab-Simulink model, is considered for voltage variation of the R-Phase of the power system and then the continuous wavelet transform (CWT) is(More)
In this study, a signal-based predictive fault-detection approach is developed to identify potential faults within an electric motor. In order to evaluate the performance of the proposed approach, first artificial motor vibration data are produced and used as a base line for analysis and assessment of the methodology. After successfully confirming proof of(More)
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