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Software requirements quality affects software product quality. For high-quality software products, software requirements must be complete. When faced with incomplete requirements, software engineers attempt to fill the requirements' gaps differently, either by getting feedback from the user or by making assumptions. Assumptions may be explicit or implicit.(More)
BACKGROUND Percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy (PDT) is indicated when prolonged mechanical ventilation is required. Although tracheostomy has only been applied by surgical techniques in the recent past, it is currently applied using PDT techniques. PDT is performed in a short time; it is a simple technique with a low complication rate and a smaller skin(More)
Usability studies provide essential information about users' views and perceptions of efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction of given online services. Nowadays, e-government web sites become popular. Therefore, there is a need for usability testing to specify the usability problems and to make the services of the e-government more usable. The purpose of(More)
Salmonella paratyphi B is a pathogenic agent causing outbreaks and keeping epidemiologic importance. The classical treatment of this disease is made by ampicillin, chloramphenicol, and co-trimoxazole in resistant strain. The resistant strains tends to cause a treatment problem. We report treatment and antibiogram results of 48 patients exactly diagnosed as(More)
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