Duygu Çelik Ertugrul

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In this article, a research project on mobile safe food consumption system (FoodWiki) is discussed that performs its own inferencing rules in its own knowledge base. Currently, the developed rules examines the side effects that are causing some health risks: heart disease, diabetes, allergy, and asthma as initial. There are thousands compounds added to the(More)
The ESAS Workshop Series has been held since 2006. The focus of ESAS Workshops Series is on concepts, foundations and applications of semantic agent systems and intends to bring forward better practices of engineering them. ESAS 2016 Workshop has the following complementary objectives: i. Inquiring into the theory and practice of engineering semantic(More)
Many mobile applications on safe food consumption and e-health have been developed recently. Health conscious users highly regard such applications for safe food consumption, especially for avoiding offending foods and additives. However, there is the lack of a comprehensive database containing structured or unstructured data to support such applications.(More)
This article discusses a new approach to Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring System (FHRMS) via a mobile integrated Doppler device (mDoppler) for monitoring Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) remotely (i.e. home). The aim of the system is to provide ease of FHR monitoring and computing current fetus risk conditions especially for high-risk pregnancy cases via a mobile(More)
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