DuyBach Bui

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Translation invariant (TI) single wavelet de-noising was developed by Coifman and Donoho and they show that TI is better than non-TI single wavelet de-noising. On the other hand, Strela et al. have found that non-TI multiwavelet de-noising gives better results than non-TI single wavelets. In this paper we extend Coifman and Donoho's TI single wavelet(More)
SUMMARY A combination of Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD) and In Situ Adaptive Tabulation (ISAT) is proposed for the representation of parameter-dependent solutions of coupled partial differential equations (PDE). The accuracy of the method is easily controlled by open parameters that can be adjusted according to the users needs. The method is tested(More)
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