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Forces, moments and stresses at the knee are dependent upon external and internal loading factors including muscle forces, segmental position and velocity, load carried, and the moment arms (mechanical advantage) of the muscle-tendon units. Requisite to prediction of forces and moments is a detailed understanding of effective moment arms throughout the knee(More)
A newly designed 3D core-shell microcapsule structure composed of a cell-containing liquid core and an alginate hydrogel shell is fabricated using a coaxial dual-nozzle electrospinning system. Spherical alginate microcapsules are successfully generated with a core-shell structure and less than 300 μm in average diameter using this system. The thickness of(More)
Knowledge of the three-dimensional balance of loads at the knee joint is required to adequately assess the treatment and rehabilitation of the malfunctioning knee. This report focuses upon the moment arms for the knee in internal/external (IE) rotation motion. It augments prior work that defined flexion/extension moment arms. Muscle excursions and angular(More)
The protein adsorption of two human plasma proteins-albumin (Alb) and fibronectin (Fn)-onto synthetic nanostructured bactericidal material-black silicon (bSi) surfaces (that contain an array of nanopillars) and silicon wafer (nonstructured) surfaces-was investigated. The adsorption behavior of Alb and Fn onto two types of substrata was studied using a(More)
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