Duy Cu Nguyen

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A system built in terms of autonomous software agents may require even greater correctness assurance than one that is merely reacting to the immediate control of its users. Agents make substantial decisions for themselves, so thorough testing is an important consideration. However, autonomy also makes testing harder; by their nature, autonomous agents may(More)
Model-based testing relies on the assumption that effective adequacy criteria can be defined in terms of model coverage achieved by a set of test paths. However, such test paths are only abstract test cases and input test data must be specified to make them concrete. We propose a novel approach that combines model-based and combinatorial testing in order to(More)
Web services are increasingly adopted in various domains, from finance and e-government to social media. As they are built on top of the web technologies, they suffer also an unprecedented amount of attacks and exploitations like the Web. Among the attacks, those that target SQL injection vulnerabilities have consistently been top-ranked for the last years.(More)
Software testing is an effective, yet expensive, method to improve software quality. Test automation, a potential way to reduce testing cost, has received enormous research attention recently, but the so-called “oracle problem” (how to decide the PASS/FAIL outcome of a test execution) is still a major obstacle to such cost reduction. We have(More)
Web application firewalls are an indispensable layer to protect online systems from attacks. However, the fast pace at which new kinds of attacks appear and their sophistication require that firewalls be updated and tested regularly as otherwise they will be circumvented. In this paper, we focus our research on web application firewalls and SQL injection(More)
We introduce eCAT , a tool that supports deriving test cases semi-automatically from goal-based analysis diagrams, generates meaningful test inputs based on agent interaction ontology, and more importantly it can evolve and execute test cases automatically and continuously on a multi-agent system (MAS). Our experiments have shown that the proposed tool can(More)