Duwaraka Yoganathan

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Increased popularity of smartphones has great potential to assist individuals in making healthy changes to their behaviour. Obesity and sedentary lifestyles are fast becoming a healthcare concern in modern societies. This study takes an important step in designing persuasive fitness applications (or apps) that can enhance the physical activity behaviour of(More)
BACKGROUND Global warming is caused by increased carbon dioxide (CO2)resulting in a greenhouse effect with enhanced warming of the earth. Measurements of CO2 show a steady increase over the past 30 years caused by the burning of fossil fuels and from the loss of natural CO2 sinks. A 100-year increase in global temperature by 0.3 to 0.6 degrees C is(More)
Popularity and pervasiveness of mobile apps have great potential to motivate healthy behavioural modifications. Considering the increased prevalence of obesity, overweight and sedentary lifestyle in modern societies, this study takes an important step in proposing design elements for fitness apps that can stimulate enhanced physical activity behaviour. We(More)
This paper explores the effect of feedback presentation formats in mobile fitness apps. Drawing from computers are social actors (CASA) paradigm, cognitive load theory (CLT), and social presence literature in this study, we conceptualize that when a user is involved in different types of exercise (aerobic or anaerobic) the exposure to more humanized(More)
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