Dustin W Ritter

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Targeted PEGylation of glucose oxidase at its glycosylation sites was investigated to determine the effect on enzymatic activity, as well as the bioconjugate's potential in an optical biosensing assay. Methoxy-poly(ethylene glycol)-hydrazide (4.5kDa) was covalently coupled to periodate-oxidized glycosylation sites of glucose oxidase from Aspergillus niger.(More)
When CdSe/ZnS-polyethyleneimine (PEI) quantum dots (QDs) are microencapsulated in polymeric microcapsules, human fibroblasts are protected from acute cytotoxic effects. Differences in cellular morphology, uptake, and viability were assessed after treatment with either microencapsulated or unencapsulated dots. Specifically, QDs contained in microcapsules(More)
This study demonstrates the successful manufacture and functional characterization of alginate hydrogels containing a variety of encapsulates within polyelectrolyte multilayer-coated micropores. These microporous alginate (MPA) hydrogels are prepared via one-step internal ionotropic gelation of the alginate using polyelectrolyte multilayer-coated CaCO3(More)
Here we demonstrate an approach to stabilize enzymes through the orthogonal covalent attachment of albumin on the single-enzyme level. Albuminated glycoenzymes (AGs) based upon glucose oxidase and catalase from Aspergillus niger were prepared in this manner. Gel filtration chromatography and dynamic light scattering support modification, with an increase in(More)
A Note from the Editors We are pleased to present to you the 007 edition of The Writing Anthology. Between these pages are some of the best examples of student writing from the previous two semesters, showcasing excellent work from a variety of disciplines and genres. The Writing Anthology is a unique and important part of Central College's history and we(More)
We demonstrate an enzyme stabilization approach whereby a model enzyme is PEGylated, followed by controlled chemical modification with glutaraldehyde. Using this stabilization strategy, size increases and aggregation due to intermolecular crosslinking are avoided. Immediately following synthesis, the PEGylated enzyme with and without glutaraldehyde(More)
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