Dustin W Bleile

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The effect of mobility on 15N chemical shift/15N-(1)H dipolar coupling (PISEMA) solid state NMR experiments applied to macroscopically oriented beta-barrels is assessed using molecular dynamics simulation data of the NalP autotransporter domain embedded in a DMPC bilayer. In agreement with previous findings for alpha-helices, the fast librational motion of(More)
Saturation transfer difference (STD)-NMR spectroscopy was used to probe experimentally the bioactive solution conformation of the carbohydrate mimic MDWNMHAA 1 of the O-polysaccharide of Shigella flexneri Y when bound to its complementary antibody, mAb SYA/J6. Molecular dynamics simulations using the ZymeCAD™ Molecular Dynamics platform were also undertaken(More)
UDP-Galactopyranose mutase (UGM) is a flavoenzyme that catalyzes interconversion of UDP-galactopyranose (UDP-Galp) and UDP-galactofuranose (UDP-Galf); its activity depends on FAD redox state. The enzyme is vital to many pathogens, not native to mammals, and is an important drug target. We have probed binding of substrate, UDP-Galp, and UDP to wild type and(More)
UDP-galactopyranose mutase (UGM) is the key enzyme involved in the biosynthesis of Galf. UDP-Galp and UDP-Galf are two natural substrates of UGM. A protocol that combines the use of STD-NMR spectroscopy, molecular modeling, and CORCEMA-ST calculations was applied to the investigation of the binding of UDP-Galf and its C3-fluorinated analogue to UGM from(More)
X-ray crystallographic data of the carbohydrate mimic MDWNMHAA when bound to an anti-Shigella flexneri Y mAb SYA/J6 indicate the immobilization of water molecules, that is, the presence of "bound" waters, in the active site. Water Ligand Observed via Gradient Spectroscopy (WaterLOGSY) was used in conjunction with saturation transfer difference (STD)-NMR(More)
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