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Most studies of spinal interneurons in vertebrate motor circuits have focused on the activity of interneurons in a single motor behavior. As a result, relatively little is known about the extent to which particular classes of spinal interneurons participate in different behaviors. Similarities between the morphology and connections of interneurons activated(More)
We used confocal microscopy to examine the morphology of spinal interneurons in living larval zebrafish with the aim of providing a morphological foundation for generating functional hypotheses. Interneurons were retrogradely labeled by injections of fluorescent dextrans into the spinal cord, and the three-dimensional morphology of living cells was(More)
When CdSe/ZnS-polyethyleneimine (PEI) quantum dots (QDs) are microencapsulated in polymeric microcapsules, human fibroblasts are protected from acute cytotoxic effects. Differences in cellular morphology, uptake, and viability were assessed after treatment with either microencapsulated or unencapsulated dots. Specifically, QDs contained in microcapsules(More)
  • Emily Faidley, Maria Freiburger, +11 authors Trevor Robins
  • 2007
A Note from the Editors We are pleased to present to you the 007 edition of The Writing Anthology. Between these pages are some of the best examples of student writing from the previous two semesters, showcasing excellent work from a variety of disciplines and genres. The Writing Anthology is a unique and important part of Central College's history and we(More)
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