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Schistosomiasis (bilharzia) is a parasitic disease caused by several species of schistosome worms (blood flukes). The key pathogenic event in this disease is the formation of granulomas around schistosome eggs trapped in portal venules of the liver. Granulomas are a distinctive form of chronic inflammation characterized by localized aggregation of activated(More)
High-speed videography and muscle denervation experiments were used to quantify the feeding kinematics of Hemisus marmoratum and to test hypotheses of muscle function. The feeding behavior of H. marmoratum, which feeds on ants and termites, differs radically from that of other frogs that have been studied. During feeding in H. marmoratum, the tongue(More)
When CdSe/ZnS-polyethyleneimine (PEI) quantum dots (QDs) are microencapsulated in polymeric microcapsules, human fibroblasts are protected from acute cytotoxic effects. Differences in cellular morphology, uptake, and viability were assessed after treatment with either microencapsulated or unencapsulated dots. Specifically, QDs contained in microcapsules(More)
  • Emily Faidley, Maria Freiburger, +11 authors Trevor Robins
  • 2007
A Note from the Editors We are pleased to present to you the 007 edition of The Writing Anthology. Between these pages are some of the best examples of student writing from the previous two semesters, showcasing excellent work from a variety of disciplines and genres. The Writing Anthology is a unique and important part of Central College's history and we(More)
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