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We assessed the efficacy of 5 dose levels of oral rapamycin for prolonging renal allograft survival in pigs. Untreated and triple therapy groups (cyclosporine, azathioprine, and prednisone) served as controls. Immunosuppression was administered for 28 days posttransplant and then stopped. Rapamycin whole-blood concentrations were followed weekly. Chemistry,(More)
Hypotension is an important side effect of spinal anesthesia. Intrathecal (IT) cholinergic agonists, including neostigmine (NEO), increase arterial blood pressure by stimulating spinal sympathetic neurons. Therefore, we tested the ability of IT cholinergic agonists to prevent the hypotensive effect of IT bupivacaine (BUP) (430 nmol) in rats instrumented(More)
The neurotensin hexapapetide fragment NT(8-13) is a potent analgesic when administered directly to the central nervous system but does not cross the blood-brain barrier. A total of 43 novel derivatives of NT(8-13) were evaluated, with one, ABS212 (1), being most active in four rat models of pain when administered peripherally. Compound 1 binds to human(More)
Villus atrophy involving the proximal small intestine was diagnosed in a rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta) at necropsy. A juvenile, male, captive-born monkey exhibited weight loss, hypoalbuminemia, patchy alopecia, eosinophilia, and vomiting. D-xylose absorption was impaired. Contrast radiography revealed thickening of the gastric and intestinal walls, gaseous(More)
Experiments using the rat to study the effect of forced exercise on various physiologic and biochemical processes were complicated by the occurrence of poditis. Staphylococcus aureus was isolated from two affected rats and a tentative diagnosis of staphylococcal pododermatitis was made. In a subsequent study, poditis again occurred and S aureus was isolated(More)
Interstitial nephritis was present in 13 of 25 adult beavers (Castor canadensis). Results of serum chemistry, serotyping, and culture for leptospires were compared with the extent of renal lesions. Although the pathogenesis of the nephritis was not determined, the survey provided baseline information on spontaneous renal disease in beavers.
The effect of length of treatment of Trypanosoma cruzi with Bayer 2502 (Bay 2502, Lampit, Nifurtimox) on resistance to challenge and parasite isolation was studied in two experiments. In each, 200 mice were divided into groups of 20, infected with T. cruzi, and then treated with Bay 2502 for 1 to 8 consecutive weeks. Sixteen weeks after exposure, 10 mice(More)
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