Dustin Lamport

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Chromosomal copy number variants (CNV) are the most common genetic lesion found in autism. Many autism-associated CNVs are duplications of chromosome 15q. Although most cases of interstitial (int) dup(15) that present clinically are de novo and maternally derived or inherited, both pathogenic and unaffected paternal duplications of 15q have been identified.(More)
Pancreatic cancer mucins have several carbohydrate antigens that are potentially useful in the detection of pancreatic cancers, but little is known about the core polypeptides of pancreatic cancer mucins. In this study, purified mucin from SW1990 pancreatic cancer xenografts was deglycosylated by treatment with hydrogen fluoride to give pancreatic cancer(More)
Recent research suggests that mild autistic-like characteristics can be measured among relatives of individuals with autism and in the general population. These characteristics have been referred to as the broader autism phenotype (BAP), and include pragmatic language difficulties, aloofness, and rigidity. Evidence is growing to suggest that individuals(More)
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