Dustin Jordan

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OBJECTIVES to assess the prevalence of a history of Colles' fracture (occurring after the age of 40 years) and to ascertain the extent of investigation and treatment of osteoporosis in this population. METHODS we studied subjects aged > or =60 years from the age-sex register of three general practices. We recorded a history of fractures and details of any(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare physical activity (PA) and exercise dependence (ED) in 267 weight-loss maintainers (WLM) and 213 normal-weight (NW) controls. METHODS PA and ED assessed via accelerometery and the Exercise Dependence Questionnaire. RESULTS WLM had higher PA levels and ED scores than those of NW (P< 0.0001). WLM status (P=.006) and higher PA(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the relationship between interinstitutional communication and continuity of advance directives from hospital to nursing home (NH) settings. DESIGN Retrospective chart review of discharges to hospital affiliated or community NHs. SETTING Teaching Veterans Affairs Hospital and affiliated and community nursing homes. MEASUREMENTS(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to compare the dietary strategies, and use of fat- and sugar-modified foods and beverages in a weight loss maintainer group (WLM) and an always-normal weight group (NW). SUBJECTS WLM (N=172) had maintained > or = 10% weight loss for 11.5 years, and had a body mass index (BMI) of 22.0 kg m(-2). NW (N=131) had a BMI(More)
Although numerous studies have examined the relationship among affect, personality, and physical activity, results are equivocal. Critics have cited inadequate experimental designs and analyses as the bases for ambiguity. This study addressed two identified weaknesses, length of exercise regimen and improper selection of subjects. Subjects were 72(More)
It was hypothesized that training in nonviolence would increase participants' sensitivity to violence because such training emphasizes both the harm and the avoidability of many kinds of violence. This research built upon earlier studies, which had proposed that ratings of the severity of violent behaviors (e.g., murder, bullying, cursing) can be(More)
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