Dustin J Coupal

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BACKGROUND Diffraction-enhanced imaging (DEI) is a synchrotron-based x-ray imaging technique that has dramatically improved contrast over standard x-ray imaging techniques. It is possible to acquire images that analyze the x-ray refraction and the apparent absorption (elimination of small-angle scattering) of the object. METHODS Three formalin-fixed(More)
PURPOSE To describe the histopathologic findings in a series of eyelid basal cell carcinomas removed from patients with basal cell nevus syndrome. METHODS Retrospective case series of 5 patients with basal cell nevus syndrome identified from our oculoplastics service. The systemic and ophthalmic features were reviewed, and a retrospective histopathologic(More)
PURPOSE To report 5 patients with a black material accumulating in the conjunctiva around the titanium peg and sleeve systems. METHODS Retrospective small case series. The clinical features of 5 patients were reviewed. Histopathologic analysis was performed on specimens from 3 patients. Neutron activation analysis was performed on 1 sample. RESULTS Five(More)
BACKGROUND Hydroxyapatite and calcium phosphate have been used as bone graft substitutes as they facilitate and promote tissue ingrowth. We carried out a study to examine uncoated and coated aluminium oxide (alumina) spherical orbital implants and assess whether the coatings influence fibrovascular ingrowth. METHODS The aluminium oxide spheres (three(More)
A patient who presented with symptoms of giant cell arteritis was found to have a right ophthalmic artery occlusion. One month after initial evaluation, the peripheral retina demonstrated multiple linear bands of chorioretinal atrophy known as Siegrist streaks. Although most commonly described in the setting of acute hypertension, Siegrist streaks also(More)
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