Dustin Hofman

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The principal treatment of venous ulcers in ambulatory patients in bandaging. The physiological rationale for this treatment is to improve the venous hemodynamic abnormality caused by prolonged venous hypertension due to limb venous valvular incompetency. Correct bandaging results in the reduction of limb edema and ulcer healing. A number of different(More)
A prospective study was conducted to assess the prevalence, severity and diagnostic utility of pain in patients with venous leg ulcers. A semi-structured questionnaire was completed by 140 consecutive patients in two specialist centres caring for patients with leg ulcers. A high proportion (64%) of the 94 patients with ulcers of purely venous aetiology(More)
Traumacel (calcium salt of oxidised cellulose) has previously only been used in the treatment of acute wounds. To assess its safety and effectiveness in the management of chronic wounds a 12-week pilot study was undertaken which involved 11 patients with 15 non-healing leg ulcers and assessed ulcer size, ulcer pain and degree of exudate. Five ulcers healed(More)