Dustin G. James

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Serum angiotensin-converting enzyme (SACE) activity was significantly higher in 90 patients with sarcoidosis (55 +/- [S.D.] 23 nmol min-1 ml-1) than in 80 healthy controls (34 +/- 9 nmol min-1 ml-1). Steroid therapy modified SACE activity; 60 sarcoidosis patients who were not being treated with steroids had significantly higher enzyme activities (58 +/- 24(More)
A computerised, retrospective study of 818 patients with sarcoidosis was analysed to study the prognosis of each individual manifestation of the disease. The good prognosis of erythema nodosum, acute arthritis and bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy was confirmed, though 16 per cent of patients presenting with erythema nodosum pursued a chronic course. Cor(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Amyloidosis is characterized by the pathologic deposition of specific proteins throughout the body. Gastrointestinal involvement with amyloid associated with plasma cell dyscrasias (AL type amyloidosis) is common, but systematic description of the condition is lacking. The aim of this investigation was to characterize the clinical(More)
Parotid gland sarcoidosis occurs in 6% of patients with sarcoidosis. It was bilateral in 24 (73%), slightly commoner in women, and presented in the majority in the 20 to 40 year age group. There was widespread involvement of other systems, particularly intrathoracic, peripheral lymph-adenopathy, uveitis, lacrimal gland enlargement and skin disease. Patterns(More)
The authors present a personally studied series of 32 patients with sarcoidosis affecting the upper respiratory tract and nose. Twenty-five of these patients had lupus pernio (LP), which in 8 instances was accompanied by sarcoidosis of the upper respiratory tract (SURT). The 7 other patients had SURT (mucosal disease) without LP. There was a female to male(More)
Sarcoidosis of bone has been observed in 29 patients for up to 43 years. It was present in the hands and/or feet in 26 patients, in the nasal bone in three and once each in the hard palate and temporal bones. There were three types of bone lesion: (a) lytic in 25 patients; rounded cortical or medullary lesions ranging in size from 1 mm to 1 cm in diameter,(More)
Twelve patients with active Behçet's uveitis with marked deterioration of visual acuity in at least one eye were treated with cyclosporin A (CyA). An initial improvement in the severity of ocular inflammation and systemic features occurred in all cases and persisted until the dose was reduced or the drug withdrawn when a rapid recurrence of symptoms was(More)