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Aerobic methane-oxidizing bacteria (MOB) are a diverse group of microorganisms that are ubiquitous in natural environments. Along with anaerobic MOB and archaea, aerobic methanotrophs are critical for attenuating emission of methane to the atmosphere. Clearly, nitrogen availability in the form of ammonium and nitrite have strong effects on methanotrophic(More)
An architecture is proposed which enables the Parallel Document Retrieval Engine (PADRE), running on a single-user Fujitsu AP1000 multicom-puter, to operate as an information server on the World Wide Web. The advantages and disadvantages of a distributed memory parallel machine for this purpose are discussed and the likely applicability to diierent types of(More)
The site of interaction of opioids and inhalation anaesthetic agents is unknown, but may be at the level of the opioid receptor. In this study we have used SH-SY5Y human neuroblastoma cells, which express both mu and delta receptors, to examine the effects of halothane on the receptor binding profiles of [3H]diprenorphine (DPN), an opioid receptor(More)
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