Dustin A Jacobson

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As a medical student, I have come to appreciate the generosity of the patient time that I experience. This places me in a unique position as I can become truly immersed in the perspective of the patients I see. I have the time to engage and understand how they see their illness, their social barriers and many other factors that affect their overall(More)
BACKGROUND Given the large number of publications in all fields of practice, it is essential that clinicians focus on the resources that provide the highest level of evidence (LOE). We sought to determine the LOE that exists in the field of pediatrics, present in the general pediatric as well as high impact clinical literature. METHODS Clinical pediatric(More)
Perinephric abscesses in children are rare. Infection can come from various areas, and clinical signs overlap with more common etiologies, such as pyelonephritis. Imaging modalities and laboratory investigations help lead to a definitive diagnosis. We present a case of a 5-month-old infant presenting with a febrile illness and eventual diagnosis of a(More)
Infantile hemangiomas (IH) present and evolve in a predictable way. In certain cases, however, they can be of clinical significance. IHs in the airway can cause significant respiratory distress. We present the first reported case of an intrathyroidal hemangioma to cause significant respiratory distress, which was successfully treated with propranolol and(More)
Health professionals working with children and their families are often required by law to report to governmental authorities any reasonable suspicion of child abuse and/or neglect. Extant research has pointed toward various barriers to reporting, with scant attention to positive processes to support the reporting process. This paper focuses on the context(More)
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