Dusko P. Nedic

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We verify and examine criticality in a 1000 bus network with an AC blackout model that represents many of the interactions that occur in cascading failure. At the critical loading there is a sharp rise in the mean b l a c k out size and a power law probability distr ibution of blackout size that indicates a s i g n i f i cant risk of large blackouts.
In the last five years, bluetongue has been diagnosed in the following areas of the Mediterranean Basin: Algeria, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey. In the Balkan Peninsula, the disease has been recorded in Bulgaria (since 1999), Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania. Bluetongue arrived in the Balkans(More)
The paper focuses on several different short-circuit calculation methods and standards/guidelines. Special attention is paid to modelling enhancements of a typical steady state short circuit calculation to take into account the impact of AC and DC decay. Several networks were used to test these enhancements and the findings are summarised on a(More)
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