Duska B. Popovic

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Vibrational electron energy loss spectra were measured for propane at incident energies of 3, 6, 10, 15, 20, and 25 eV at scattering angles of 40 degrees, 55 degrees, 70 degrees, 85 degrees, and 100 degrees . The spectra are compared with the results of ab initio calculations using a recently developed two-channel discrete momentum representation method.(More)
Single crystal molecular structure and solution photophysical properties are reported for 1,3-diphenylisobenzofuran (1), of interest as a model compound in studies of singlet fission. For the ground state of 1 and of its radical cation (1(+*)) and anion (1(-*)), we report the UV-visible absorption spectra, and for neutral 1, also the magnetic circular(More)
We study cheating strategies against a practical four-state quantum bit-commitment protocol [4] and its two-state variant [10] when the underlying quantum channels are noisy and the cheating party is constrained to using single-qubit measurements only. We show that simply inferring the transmitted photons’ states by using the Breidbart basis, optimal for(More)
Angular distributions of electrons scattered elastically and inelastically from cold solid molecular films of ethylene and nitrogen in various proportions, grown from the gas phase at different temperatures, have been studied by high-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy. The probing depth of dipole and impact scattering has been investigated by(More)
We describe a wide-gap multichannel cylindrical deflection electron energy analyzer suitable for measuring the weak signals characteristic of electronically inelastic electron energy loss spectra. The analyzer has nearly ideal fringing field termination, and its resolution and energy dispersion were characterized as a function of energy by solving(More)
We discuss possible improvements in the efficiency of dye-sensitized photovoltaic cells using dyes capable of singlet fission into two triplets, thus producing two electron-hole pairs from a single photon. It is pointed out that, in addition to derivatives of large alternant hydrocarbons, those of biradicals are also likely candidates for a favorable(More)
A method for determining the resonant dynamic Stark shift (RDSS), based on wave-packet calculations of the populations of quantum states, is presented. It is almost insensitive to variations of the laser pulse profile, and this feature ensures generality in applications. This method is used to determine an RDSS data set for 3s → nl (n ≤ 6) transitions in(More)
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