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Radio frequency (RF) energy transfer and harvesting techniques have recently become alternative methods to power the next generation wireless networks. As this emerging technology enables proactive energy replenishment of wireless devices, it is advantageous in supporting applications with quality of service (QoS) requirement. In this paper, we present an(More)
In cloud computing, cloud providers can offer cloud consumers two provisioning plans for computing resources, namely reservation and on-demand plans. In general, cost of utilizing computing resources provisioned by reservation plan is cheaper than that provisioned by on-demand plan, since cloud consumer has to pay to provider in advance. With the(More)
We consider the problem of spectrum trading with multiple licensed users (i.e., primary users) selling spectrum opportunities to multiple unlicensed users (i.e., secondary users). The secondary users can adapt the spectrum buying behavior (i.e., evolve) by observing the variations in price and quality of spectrum offered by the different primary users or(More)
A queuing analytical model is presented to investigate the performances of different sleep and wakeup strategies in a solar-powered wireless sensor/mesh network where a solar cell is used to charge the battery in a sensor/mesh node. While the solar radiation process (and, hence, the energy generation process in a solar cell) is modeled by a stochastic(More)
“Cognitive radio” is an emerging technique to improve the utilization of radio frequency spectrum in wireless networks. In this paper, we consider the problem of spectrum sharing among a primary user and multiple secondary users. We formulate this problem as an oligopoly market competition and use a noncooperative game to obtain the spectrum allocation for(More)
| The mobile social network (MSN) combines techniques in social science and wireless communications for mobile networking. The MSN can be considered as a system which provides a variety of data delivery services involving the social relationship among mobile users. This paper presents a comprehensive survey on the MSN specifically from the perspectives of(More)