Dusanka Bundalo

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Possibilities and way to design and implement a ZigBee-based data transmission and monitoring wireless smart sensor network integrated with the Internet are considered and described in the paper. Implementing of a cost-effective such system requires the use and integration of different hardware elements and programming languages. Possibilities and key(More)
The requirements for new web applications supporting different types of devices and purposes are continuously growing. The main advantages of web application development as well as popular development features covering integration with different technologies are considered initially in this paper. Integration and possibilities of application of cloud based(More)
Principles and possibilities for design and implementation of ternary regenerative CMOS logic circuits with high impedance output state are described and proposed in the paper. Two principles of design and concrete implementations of such logic circuits are proposed and described: the simple circuits with smaller number of transistors, and the buffer/driver(More)
Principles and possibilities for design of digital to analog converters for application in CMOS ternary digital systems are proposed and described in the paper. Such converters perform signal conversion from ternary digital signals into analog signal. General principle and structure for implementation and design of CMOS ternary to analog converters are(More)
The problem of packet loss in wireless networks is considered and described in the paper. An introduction to the main causes of the problem are described first. Then the behaviour of different wireless protocols (Wlan, ZigBee, WirelessHART) is presented and described. Some possible techniques to reduce the effects of packets loss in a wirelessHART networked(More)
Possibilities and realization of system for control of more entry doors and ventilation in industry based on using wireless computer network technology are considered and described in the paper. Described solution has possibility to monitor, control and perform diagnostic of system using wireless computer network. The system is consisted of set of sensors,(More)
Realization of microcontroller based real time fire protection system is considered and described in the paper. Given solution is based on application of microcontroller AT89S8253. The system is consisted of set of sensors connected to control device (microcontroller module). Control, monitoring and diagnostic are performed via computer of PC type serially(More)