Dusan Stefanovic

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Supply chains are complex systems with silos of information that are very difficult to integrate and analyze. The best way to effectively analyze these disparate systems is the use of Business Intelligence (BI). The ability to make and then to process the right decision at the right time in collaboration with the right partners is the definition of the(More)
Successful supply chain management becomes essential for the ultimate success of corporations. Companies today seek an effective performance measurement (PM) system to maximize the bottom line. Unfortunately, performance measurement in the supply-chain field has not kept pace with today's world of interdependent business relationships. What companies need(More)
This paper discusses the need for Supply Chain Business Intelligence and driving forces for its adoption, and presents BI development life cycle along with quality success factors. Also, Internet-based supply chain BI model that enables many-to-many, loosely-coupled information exchange for collaborative business analysis and decision making is described.(More)
In this article, infinite-series expressions for the second-order statistical measures of a macro-diversity structure operating over the Gamma shadowed-μ fading channels are provided. We have focused on MRC (maximal ratio combining) combining at each base station (micro-diversity), and selection combining (SC), based on output signal power values, between(More)
This paper considers second-order statistics of wireless communication system with micro-and macrodiversity reception in correlated gamma shadowed Nakagami-m fading channels. Macrolevel is of selection combining (SC) type and consists of two base stations (dual diversity) while N-branch receiver employing maximal ratio combining (MRC) is implemented on(More)
Companies require highly automated business process management (BPM) functionality, with the flexibility to incorporate business intelligence (BI) at appropriate stages throughout the workflow. Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) unifies these two technologies and provides real-time access to critical performance indicators to improve the speed and(More)