Dusan Okanovic

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The Descartes Query Language (DQL) enables to query the performance of a system using adapters to various solution approaches. Thereby, DQL is a realization of the vision of Declarative Performance Engineering (DPE) which decouples the description of user concerns (performance questions and goals) from the task of selecting and applying a specific solution(More)
Over the past decades, various methods, techniques, and tools for modeling and evaluating performance properties of software systems have been proposed covering the entire software life cycle. However, the application of performance engineering approaches to solve a given user concern is still rather challenging and requires expert knowledge and experience.(More)
Continuous monitoring of software systems under production workload provides valuable data about application runtime behavior and usage. An adaptive monitoring infrastructure allows controlling, for instance, the overhead as well as the granularity and quality of collected data at runtime. Focusing on application-level monitoring, this paper presents the(More)
Application performance management (APM) is a necessity to detect and solve performance problems during operation of enterprise applications. While existing tools provide alerting and visualization capabilities when performance requirements are violated during operation, the isolation and diagnosis of the problem's real root cause is the responsibility of(More)
Failures in software systems during operation are inevitable. They cause system downtime, which needs to be minimized to reduce or avoid unnecessary costs and customer dissatisfaction. Online failure prediction aims at identifying upcoming failures at runtime to enable proactive maintenance actions. Existing online failure prediction approaches focus on(More)
Continuous monitoring tools are designed to perform well under production workload with minimal performance overhead. Standard AOP frameworks are popular choice for development of instrumentation for Java software monitoring tools. Inevitable consequence of using these tools is the occurrence of performance overhead. The code they generate is guaranteed to(More)
In order to perform continuous monitoring, SLA document between interested parties has to be signed. These documents should be in machine readable format in order to automate monitoring process. On the other hand, it would be beneficial if it is human readable, too. This way, it is easier to perform configuration and maintenance of monitoring subsystem.(More)
A challenging problem with today's increasingly large and distributed software systems is their performance behavior. To help developers avoid or detect mistakes that lead to performance problems, many researchers in software performance engineering have come up with classifications of such problems, called antipatterns. To test the approaches for(More)