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Real-time blind separation of acoustic signals based on physical and geometrical properties of the sources of the signals Extended abstract. Blind signal separation is a technical problem of identifying separate sources from an acoustic mixture of signals. Efficient signal separation allows for development of various sensor systems to be used in clinical,(More)
Field coils are widely utilized in every precision measurement using stable reference magnetic fields. The basic property defined for any such coil is the coil-constant. It is a quotient of the generated magnetic flux density in the center of the coil and its energizing current. Field coils with a very accurately determined coil-constant are commonly used(More)
− In this paper a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance magnetometer (NMR) in a form of a LabVIEW Virtual instrument (VI) is proposed. The heart of the magnetometer remains the marginal oscillator with a proton sample. The magnetic resonance signal and all other auxiliary signals are generated and controlled by a setup composed of a digital counter (for resonance(More)
The geomagnetic field (GMF) varies over Earth's surface and changes over time, but it is generally not considered as a factor that could influence plant growth. The effects of reduced and enhanced GMFs and a strong static magnetic field on growth and chlorophyll a (Chl a) fluorescence of Lemna minor plants were investigated under controlled conditions. A(More)
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