Durmus U. Karatay

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Thin film solar cells made from Cu, Zn, Sn, and S/Se can be processed from solution to yield high-performing kesterite (CZTS or CZTSSe) photovoltaics. We present a microstructural study of solution-deposited CZTSSe films prepared by nanocrystal-based ink approaches using scanning probe microscopy (SPM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) coupled with(More)
The ability to measure microsecond- and nanosecond-scale local dynamics below the diffraction limit with widely available atomic force microscopy hardware would enable new scientific studies in fields ranging from biology to semiconductor physics. However, commercially available scanning-probe instruments typically offer the ability to measure dynamics only(More)
Dynamic force spectroscopy (DFS) measurements on biomolecules typically require classifying thousands of repeated force spectra prior to data analysis. Here, we study classification of atomic force microscope-based DFS measurements using machine-learning algorithms in order to automate selection of successful force curves. Notably, we collect a data set(More)
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