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We introduce a new scheme for stylus-based input of phonetic scripts such as Indic, using a compact smart soft-keyboard. Phonetically related characters are grouped into layers and become dynamically available when the "group-leader" character is accessed. This scheme allows rapid input using taps and flicks. We have developed a prototype for Devanagari(More)
In this paper, we present a practical framework for the syntactic transfer of compound-complex sentences from English to Hindi in the context of a transfer-based Machine Assisted Translation (MAT) system. The analysis is based on the linguistic intuitions of the authors, backed by evidence from a real-life corpus, and ongoing work on a building a practical(More)
The paper reports on efforts taken to create lexical resources pertaining to Indian languages, using the collaborative model. The lexical resources being developed are: (1) transfer lexicon and grammar from English to several Indian languages, and (2) dependency tree bank of annotated corpora for several Indian languages. The dependency trees are based on(More)
In this paper, we discuss a scheme for visualizing the structure of a document. This is done by identifying coherent multi-paragraph segments in the document, and labeling these segments using representative key phrases. A preliminary evaluation suggests that the proposed scheme does help the user to get an overall idea of the content and structure of a(More)
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