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Component Based Software Development (CBSD) has gained widespread acceptance as it often results in higher quality software with a significant reduction in development time and costs. A key idea behind CBSD is the extensive reuse and composition of preexisting modules into new software. In this paper we introduce the pliability metric, which is well suited(More)
The purpose of this paper is to develop Artificial Neural Network (ANN)-based apple classifier. Testing effort is calculated using ANN method. The complete system is divided into two modules. In the first module, input (surface level apple quality parameter) from the different sources is collected by the software developed in Visual Basic through different(More)
This paper describes a new apple classification system based on machine vision and artificial neural network (ANN), which classifies apple in real time on the basis of physical parameters of apple such as size, color and external defects. A specific hardware subsystem has been developed and described for every stage of input and output. The hardware(More)
— Over the years, the focus has been on protecting network, host, database and standard applications from internal and external threats. The Rapid Application Development (RAD) process makes the web application extremely short and makes it difficult to eliminate the vulnerabilities. Here we study web application risk assessment technique called threat risk(More)
The proliferation of the World Wide Web and the pervasiveness of the related technologies have increased the demand of high performance clusters and distributed resources. Load balancing of the systems in which heterogeneous servers and resources are distributed becomes a key factor in achieving a rapid response time, efficient resource utilization and(More)