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Component Based Software Development (CBSD) has gained widespread acceptance as it often results in higher quality software with a significant reduction in development time and costs. A key idea behind CBSD is the extensive reuse and composition of preexisting modules into new software. In this paper we introduce the pliability metric, which is well suited(More)
The purpose of this paper is to develop Artificial Neural Network (ANN)-based apple classifier. Testing effort is calculated using ANN method. The complete system is divided into two modules. In the first module, input (surface level apple quality parameter) from the different sources is collected by the software developed in Visual Basic through different(More)
Component based development offers many potential benefits, viz. software reuse, reduced time-to-market, inter-operability, ease of quality certification etc. However, it is not always that benefits derived from addition of components from a component repository are more than the costs involved in developing the module from scratch. This work evaluates(More)
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