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The Multi-Level Inverter's (MLI's) highlights out nearly a higher quality sinusoidal output voltage from a stair case waveform and the distortion level in the output voltage depend on the number of steps. The most attractive applications of this technology are in the medium to high-voltage range. Among all the modern power electronics converters, the(More)
Protecting transmission lines is very important for safeguard of the power system. There are many methods for protecting the power system from faults conventional methods and heuristic methods. The results obtained by conventional methods are difficulty because of the complexity of the system model, the lack of knowledge of its parameters, the large amount(More)
The sustained growth in VLSI technology is fuelled by the continued shrinking of transistor to ever smaller dimension. The benefits of min iaturization are high packing densities, high circuit speed and low power d issipation. Binary mult iplier is an electronic circuit used in digital electron ics such as a computer to mult iply two binary nu mbers, which(More)
In this paper, the control scheme of a Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)–diesel dual-fuel engine with electronic control is illustrated, the external characteristics and load characteristics of the LPG– diesel dual-fuel engine and the diesel engine are compared and analyzed. The experimental results show that, compared with diesel, the output performance of(More)
The paper investigates the result on the existing diesel engine that can suitably modified to operate on the diesel fuel mode to conserve diesel and also reduce environmental pollution. The conventional fuels, petrol's and diesel for internal combustion engines are exhausted at an alarming rate, due to increase of vehicle population and also these fuel(More)
A greenhouse is a structure generally made of glass, designed to provide protection and controlled environment to raise plants indoors. In order to achieve high quality and quantity of produce, proper management and data collection of the greenhouse environment is required. Manual practice of plant monitoring is laborious and time consuming. The proposed(More)