Durga P. Prasad

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  • Sagar Shankarrao, Dake Hemanta, Mohanta Yechuri, Durga Prasad
  • 2014
In last few years the data usage from internet has been increased at very high rate. The adaption of cloud in business organizations increased exponentially. But unfortunately the attacks on that data and transactions are also increasing. As the every authorized user has their own username and password to access their personal accounts, but as these details(More)
Certificate This is to certify that the work in the thesis entitled Slicing of Object-Oriented and Aspect-Oriented Programs by Santosh Kumar Behera, bearing roll number 212CS3369, is a record of an original research work carried out by him under my supervision and guidance in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of Master of(More)
  • Syam Sundar B, Venu Gopal, Rao L S, Durga Prasad, Sankaraiah K Raja, Sekhara Reddy +1 other
  • 2013
Original Article Back gound and objectives :-Malaria is a major health problem in India being one of the biggest burdens in terms of morbidity and mortality among all infectious diseases. Malaria is the most important parasitic infection which poses major health challenges. Malaria pathogenesis is based mainly on extensive changes of Hematological and(More)
Background: The foetal brain development can be influenced by thyroid gland functioning. Sub normal function of thyroid gland in first trimester of pregnancy leads to miscarriages, stillborn and anomalies of central nervous system in foetus. The environmental factors that will effect thyroid gland functioning are deficit soil iodine, high fluoridation of(More)
The sustained growth in VLSI technology is fuelled by the continued shrinking of transistor to ever smaller dimension. The benefits of min iaturization are high packing densities, high circuit speed and low power d issipation. Binary mult iplier is an electronic circuit used in digital electron ics such as a computer to mult iply two binary nu mbers, which(More)
 " Within the cultures of our civilizations, there is a universal micro culture of work and that is changing worldwide as well "Abstract Innovation leads to economic growth, profitability, competitive advantage etc… of any organisation, and for that innovation to happen their must be people who can think differently and find new solutions for overcoming(More)
A nine years old boy, who had suffered septic arthritis at the age of two years and presented now with a limp, hip instability, leg length discrepancy. The patient was treated by adductor tenotomy and upper tibial pin traction. When head remnant reached the level of the acetabulum, open reduction and Pemberton osteotomy was done to achieve cover of the(More)
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