Durg Singh Chauhan

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This paper presents an electronically tunable current-mode universal biquad filter based on the current controlled current conveyor transconductance amplifiers (CCCCTAs). The proposed filter employs only three CCCCTAs, two capacitors one of which is permanently grounded. The proposed filter realizes low pass (LP), band pass (BP) and high pass (HP) responses(More)
Software evolution is an ongoing process carried out with the aim of extending base applications either for adding new functionalities or for adapting software to changing environments. This brings about the need for estimating and determining the overall impact of changes to a software system. In the last few decades many such change/impact analysis(More)
Sleepiness or fatigue in drivers driving for long hours is the major cause of accidents on highways worldwide. The International statistics shows that a large number of road accidents are caused by driver fatigue. Therefore, a system that can detect oncoming driver fatigue and issue timely warning could help in preventing many accidents, and consequently(More)
Multiple faults in a software many times prevent debuggers from efficiently localizing a fault. This is mainly due to not knowing the exact number of faults in a failing program as some of the faults get obfuscated. Many techniques have been proposed to isolate different faults in a program thereby creating separate sets of failing program statements. To(More)
This paper presents a universal current-controlled current-mode biquad filter employing current controlled current conveyor trans-conductance amplifiers (CCCCTAs). The proposed filter employs only three MOCCCCTAs and two grounded capacitors. The proposed filter can simultaneously realize low pass (LP), band pass (BP), high pass (HP), band reject (BR) and(More)