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Advancement in the area of software engineering, mobile computing together with web technologies have paved way for myriad range of applications, including good quality E-learning software’s, delivering online classes in real time to unlimited number of students across the world, on a personalized E-learning space for every student. These E-learning(More)
Micro-sensor networks are widely deployed sensor network in typical geographical areas where human intervention is almost impossible. A WSN is a collection of several small energy limited sensors. These devices are autonomous devices performs the job of data collection and forwarding it to the central node called sink node. The observed data can travel(More)
This paper presents an electronically tunable current-mode universal biquad filter based on the current controlled current conveyor transconductance amplifiers (CCCCTAs). The proposed filter employs only three CCCCTAs, two capacitors one of which is permanently grounded. The proposed filter realizes low pass (LP), band pass (BP) and high pass (HP) responses(More)
In this study, a fourth-generation DC-DC ZETA converter using two capacitors, two inductors fed switched reluctance motor drive is proposed for improving the power quality at front-end. The Zeta converter has received least attention as compared to other equivalent converter like push-pull, Cuk & SEPIC. A single phase sinusoidal ac supply followed by(More)
Cloud computing is an Internet-based computing, where shared resources, software and information, are provided to computers and devices on-demand. It provides people the way to share distributed resources and services that belong to different organization. Since cloud computing uses distributed resources in open environment, thus it is important to provide(More)
Changing requirements of customer needs establishes the need to analyze impact of requirement changes. For success of any software requirement analysis is very essential. In this paper, we propose a four stage method engineering process which aims at estimating impact of change. The process model described is a linear layered model. Impact sets are computed(More)