Durell Bouchard

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Many applications that utilize motion capture data require small, discrete, semantic segments of data, but most motion capture collection processes produce long sequences of data. The smaller segments are often created from the longer sequences manually. This segmentation process is very laborious and time consuming. This paper presents an automatic motion(More)
Lab activities in computer science courses provide instructors with opportunities to individually tutor students on concepts, problem solving, and techniques. Students who are stuck and in need of this assistance during a lab are sometimes too focused on attracting a lab instructor's attention. This time spent unproductively waiting is a missed opportunity(More)
Games can be a valuable tool for enriching computer science education, since they can facilitate a number of conditions that promote learning: student motivation, active learning, adaptivity, collaboration, and simulation. Additionally, they provide the instructor the ability to collect learning metrics with relative ease. As part of 21st Annual Conference(More)
A number of selected papers presented at WINSYS 2010 will be published by Springer-Verlag in a CCIS Series book. This selection will be done by the Conference Co-chairs and Program Co-chairs, among the papers actually presented at the conference, based on a rigorous review by the ICETE 2010 Program Committee members.
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