Durcilene Alves da Silva

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The present study describes the development of a green synthesis of silver nanoparticles reduced and stabilized by exuded gum from Anacardium occidentale L. and evaluates in vitro their antibacterial and cytotoxic activities. Characterization of cashew gum-based silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) was carried out based on UV-Vis spectroscopy, transmission electron(More)
Chemical modifications to cashew gum (CG) structure have been previously reported to obtain new physicochemical characteristics, however until now there were no reports of modifications by introduction of new functional groups to add cationic character. This study presents a quaternization route for CG using a quaternary ammonium reagent. The chemical(More)
Nanoprecipitation and dialysis methods were employed to obtain nanoparticles (NPs) of acetylated cashew gum (ACG). NPs synthesized by dialysis showed greater average size compared to those synthesized by nanoprecipitation, but they presented improved stability and yield. NPs were loaded with diclofenac diethylamine and the efficiency of the drug(More)
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