Durba B. Chaudhuri

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Transient cerebral hypoperfusion (TCH) has empirically been used to assist intraarterial (IA) drug delivery to brain tumors. Transient (<3 min) reduction of cerebral blood flow (CBF) occurs during many neuro- and cardiovascular interventions and has recently been used to better target IA drugs to brain tumors. In the present experiments, we assessed whether(More)
Rapid first pass uptake of drugs is necessary to increase tissue deposition after intraarterial (IA) injection. Here we tested whether brain tissue deposition of a nanoparticulate liposomal carrier could be enhanced by coordinated manipulation of liposome surface charge and physiological parameters, such as IA injection during transient cerebral(More)
BACKGROUND Optimizing liposomal vehicles for targeted delivery to the brain has important implications for the treatment of brain tumors. The promise of efficient, brain-specific delivery of chemotherapeutic compounds via liposomal vehicles has yet to be achieved in clinical practice. Intra-arterial injection of specially designed liposomes may facilitate(More)
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