Duraisamy Palanimuthu

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The oral cancer chemopreventive efficacy of lupeol, a bioactive triterpene, was assessed by monitoring the tumor incidence and using the status of phase I and II xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes, lipid peroxidation and antioxidants as biochemical end points during 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene (DMBA) induced hamster buccal pouch carcinogenesis. Oral tumors(More)
Lupeol, a pentacyclic triterpene, possesses diverse pharmacological and biochemical activities including anticancer and antioxidant effects. Abnormalities in the status of glycoconjugates and lipids in the cell results in malignant transformation. The aim of the present study was to investigate the protective effect of lupeol on cell surface glycoconjugates(More)
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