Durairaj Devaraj

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An important issue in the design of FRBS is the formation of fuzzy if-then rules and the membership functions. This paper presents a Mixed Genetic Algorithm (MGA) approach to obtain the optimal rule set and the membership function of the fuzzy classifier. While applying genetic algorithm for fuzzy classifier design, the membership functions are represented(More)
Accuracy maximization and complexity minimization are the two main goals of a fuzzy expert system based microarray data classification. Our previous Genetic Swarm Algorithm (GSA) approach has improved the classification accuracy of the fuzzy expert system at the cost of their interpretability. The if-then rules produced by the GSA are lengthy and complex(More)
Tunable lasers are essential for medical, engineering and basic science research studies. Most conventional solid-state lasers are capable of producing a few million laser shots, but limited to specific wavelengths, which are bulky and very expensive. Dye lasers are continuously tunable, but exhibit very poor chemical stability. As new tunable, efficient(More)
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