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Performances of male rats of the Roman High- (RHA), Roman Control- (RCA) and Roman Low- (RLA) Avoidance strains were compared in two working memory tests, a spatial one, the radial maze, and a nonspatial one, an object recognition test. The same rats were subjected to measures of emotional reactivity and of different forms of motor activity and finally to(More)
Let A be a Noetherian local ring with the maximal ideal m and an m-primary ideal J . Let F = {In}n≥0 be a good filtration of ideals in A. Denote by FJ (F) = ⊕ n≥0 (In/JIn)t n the fiber cone of F with respect to J. The paper characterizes the multiplicity and the CohenMacaulayness of FJ (F) in terms of minimal reductions of F .
Let S = ⊕ n1,...,ns≥0 S(n1,...,ns) be a finitely generated standard multi-graded algebra over a Noetherian local ring A. This paper first expresses mixed multiplicities of S in term of Hilbert-Samuel multiplicity that explained the mixed multiplicities S as the Hilbert-Samuel multiplicities for quotient modules of S(n1,...,ns). As an application, we get(More)
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