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This paper introduces our SAU-KERC system that achieved F1 score of 0.39 in the world-level quality estimation task in WMT2015. The goal is to assign each translated word a " OK " or " BAD " label indicating translation quality. We adopt the sequence labeling model, conditional random fields (CRF), to predict the labels. Since " BAD " labels are rare in the(More)
The patents cover almost all the latest, the most active innovative technical information in technical fields, therefore patent classification has great application value in the patent research domain. This paper presents a KNN text categorization method based on shared nearest neighbor, effectively combining the BM25 similarity calculation method and the(More)
A patent includes a great deal of practical technical information, and plays an important role in promoting scientific development. The research on patent classification and retrieval has significant application value. A patent is a special technical text with strict hierarchical classification system and normalized structure, and there are a number of(More)
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