Duo Helen Wei

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The let-7 family contains 12 members, which share identical seed regions, suggesting that they may target the same mRNAs. It is essential to develop a means that can regulate the functions of all members. Using a DNA synthesis technique, we have generated an anti-let-7 sponge aiming to modulate the function of all members. We found that products of the(More)
Summary form only given. With the increasing demand for healthcare, computer technology and the internet are playing a more important role for patients, practitioners, and researchers. Oftentimes the process of seeking or providing care does not start in a waiting room or in a doctor's office, but online. Because of this, special attention must be(More)
An interesting procedure for the oxidative cleavage of benzylic C-N bonds has been developed. Using TBAI as the catalyst and H2O2 as the oxidant, various benzylamines were transformed into their corresponding aromatic aldehydes in moderate to good yields. Notably, this is the first example of an oxidative cleavage of benzylic C-N bonds under metal-free(More)
There is an increasing need to accurately and efficiently find relevant clinical trials for patients, practitioners, and researchers. This paper proposes a method for measuring the similarity among clinical trials and explores its potential uses in efficiently suggesting relevant clinical trials. SNOMED terms are applied to extract and normalize the(More)
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