Duo Chan

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We present the first science results from the Keck Interferometer, a direct-detection infrared interferometer utilizing the two 10-meter Keck telescopes. The instrument and system components are briefly described. We then present observations of the T Tauri object DG Tau, which is resolved by the interferometer. The resolved component has a radius of 0.12(More)
Anthropogenic forcings have contributed to global and regional warming in the last few decades and likely affected terrestrial precipitation. Here we examine changes in major Köppen climate classes from gridded observed data and their uncertainties due to internal climate variability using control simulations from Coupled Model Intercomparison Project 5(More)
and pressure of a hard sphere fluid in a wedge-shaped cell or meniscus. Structure of charged colloids under a wedge confinement. A simple calculation of structural and depletion forces for fluids/suspensions confined in a film. in colloidal fluids near a smooth repulsive wall. Mechanisms of oil removal from a solid surface in the presence of anionic(More)
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