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The anionic base pairs of adenine and thymine, (AT)(-), and 9-methyladenine and 1-methylthymine, (MAMT)(-), have been investigated both theoretically and experimentally in a complementary, synergistic study. Calculations on (AT)(-) found that it had undergone a barrier-free proton transfer (BFPT) similar to that seen in other dimer anion systems and that(More)
We report the photoelectron spectra of homogeneous dimer anions of the nucleobases: uracil, thymine, cytosine, adenine, and guanine, i.e., U(2)(-), T(2)(-), C(2)(-), A(2)(-), and G(2)(-) along with DFT calculations on U(2)(-) and T(2)(-). Based on these calculations the photoelectron spectrum of T(2)(-) was assigned as being due to both a proton transferred(More)
The arginine parent anion was generated by a newly developed, infrared desorption-electron photoemission hybrid anion source. The photoelectron spectrum of the arginine anion was recorded and interpreted as being due to dipole binding of the excess electron. The results are consistent with calculations by Rak, Skurski, Simons, and Gutowski, who predicted(More)
The photoelectron spectra of chromium-doped silicon cluster anions, CrSi-(n), were measured over the size range, n=8-12. Their vertical detachment energies were measured to be 2.71, 2.88, 2.87, 2.95, and 3.18 eV, respectively. Our results support theoretical calculations by Khanna, Rao, and Jena [Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 016803 (2002)] which found CrSi12 to be(More)
In contrast to widely familiar acid-base behavior in solution, single molecules of NH3 and HCl do not react to form the ionic salt, NH+4Cl-, in isolation. We applied anion photoelectron spectroscopy and ab initio theory to investigate the interaction of an excess electron with the hydrogen-bonded complex NH3...HCl. Our results show that an excess electron(More)
A series of 18 alcohols (ROH) has been designed with an enthalpy of deprotonation in the gas phase (H(DP)) in the range 13.8-16.3 eV. The effects of excess electron attachment to the binary alcohol-uracil (ROH...U) complexes have been studied at the density functional level with a B3LYP exchange-correlation functional and at the second-order Møller-Plesset(More)
Fermented sausages were made experimentally with addition of 0.3% (w/w) gluconodeltalactone (GDL) or a starter culture of Lactobacillus plantarum, unable to produce histamine or tyramine. Controls were produced without GDL and starter culture. During 15 days preparation and storage periods, number of bacteria and lactobacilli, pH, and levels of histamine,(More)
An excess electron can be bound to a molecule in a very diffuse orbital as a result of the long-range contributions of the molecular electrostatic field. Following a systematic search, we report experimental evidence that quadrupole binding occurs for the trans-succinonitrile molecule (EA=20+/-2 meV), while the gauche-succinonitrile conformer supports a(More)
We have observed and characterized two new double Rydberg anions N6H19- and N7H22- through their anion photoelectron spectra. The vertical detachment energies of these anions were found to be 0.443 and 0.438 eV, respectively. In addition, for three of the seven double Rydberg anions now known, we measured photodetachment transitions not only to the ground(More)
The stabilization of the pyrimidine anion by the addition of water molecules is studied experimentally using photoelectron spectroscopy of mass-selected hydrated pyrimidine clusters and computationally using quantum-mechanical electronic structure theory. Although the pyrimidine molecular anion is not observed experimentally, the addition of a single water(More)