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As an important phase in software development, domain modeling can be used to construct reusable domain assets based on common domain requirements. In service-oriented software development, domain modeling is essential to satisfy users’ personalized requirements in a short time and at a low cost. We have proposed a method named O-RGPS for(More)
Priority ranking of software requirements is recognized as an important but difficult activity during software development, especially for development of networked software, a kind of complex systems. Traditional methods for priority ranking which only calculates static priorities of requirements can not meet the need of networked software due to the(More)
To satisfy the requirements which have characteristics of diversity, dynamics and variability, networked software must be evolution dynamically. To this end, four metrics are defined, such as coverage rate and utilization ratio of assets base, together with cohesion and coupling values of domain problem. The first two values are used to measure validity of(More)
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