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—Power networks and information systems become more and more interdependent to ensure better supports for the functionality as well as improve the economy. However, power networks also tend to be more vulnerable due to the cascading failures from their interdependent information systems, i.e., the failures in the information systems can cause the failures(More)
Expansion of the polyQ repeat in ataxin-2 results in degeneration of Purkinje neurons and other neuronal groups including the substantia nigra in patients with spinocerebellar ataxia type 2 (SCA2). In animal and cell models, overexpression of mutant ataxin-2 induces cell dysfunction and death, but little is known about steady-state levels of normal and(More)
Spinocerebellar ataxia type 2 (SCA2) is caused by the expansion of a polyglutamine (polyQ) repeat in ataxin-2, the SCA2 gene product. In contrast to other polyQ diseases, intranuclear inclusions are not prominent in SCA2. In animal models with expression of mutant ataxin-2 targeted to Purkinje cells, neuronal dysfunction and morphologic changes are observed(More)
Mutations of the parkin gene are a cause of autosomal recessive juvenile parkinsonism. Although the parkin gene has been isolated from mouse, rat, and human, little is known about its expression in neural and nonneural tissues during development. In this study, we used a polyclonal antibody to a peptide downstream of the parkin ubiquitin domain to(More)
Online social networks (OSNs) have become one of the most effective channels for marketing and advertising. Since users are often influenced by their friends, "word-of-mouth" exchanges so-called viral marketing in social networks can be used to increases product adoption or widely spread content over the network. The common perception of viral marketing(More)
Two morphological types of melanopsin-expressing ganglion cells have been described in primate retina. Both types show intrinsic light responses as well as rod- and cone-driven ON-type responses. Outer stratifying cells have their dendrites close to the inner nuclear layer (OFF sublamina); inner stratifying cells have their dendrites close to the ganglion(More)
In social networks, there is a tendency for connected users to match each other's behaviors. Moreover, a user likely adopts a behavior, if a certain fraction of his family and friends follows that behavior. Identifying people who have the most influential effect to the others is of great advantages, especially in politics, marketing, behavior correction,(More)
We describe a new algorithm, Minesweeper, that is able to satisfy stronger runtime guarantees than previous join algorithms (colloquially ``beyond worst-case'' guarantees) for data in indexed search trees. Our first contribution is developing a framework to measure this stronger notion of complexity, which we call "certificate complexity," that extends(More)
—We propose DOCA (Detecting Overlapping Community Algorithm), a connection-based algorithm for discovering high quality overlapping community structures in social networks. Our proposed method is fast, very limited parameter dependent and only requires local knowledge about the network topology. Furthermore, the community structures discovered by DOCA are(More)