Dung T. Nguyen

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Power networks and information systems become more and more interdependent to ensure better supports for the functionality as well as improve the economy. However, power networks also tend to be more vulnerable due to the cascading failures from their interdependent information systems, i.e., the failures in the information systems can cause the failures of(More)
The least cost influence (LCI) problem, which asks to identify a minimum number of seed users who can eventually influence a large number of users, has become one of the central research topics recently in online social networks (OSNs). However, existing works mostly focused on a single network while users nowadays often join several OSNs. Thus, it is(More)
We investigate autoreducibility properties of complete sets for NEXP under different polynomial reductions. Specifically, we show under some polynomial reductions that there is are complete sets for NEXP that are not autoreducible. We obtain the following results: • There is a ≤ptt -complete set for NEXP that is not ≤ p btt -autoreducible. • For any(More)
Immobilised polysaccharide-based chiral stationary phases (CSPs) are chromatographic materials that combine the remarkable enantioselective performance of the polysaccharide derivatives in addition to solvent versatility for enantiomeric resolution. Their behaviour under normal phase conditions and polar organic mode has been quite extensively discussed in(More)
We propose DOCA (Detecting Overlapping Community Algorithm), a connection-based algorithm for discovering high quality overlapping community structures in social networks. Our proposed method is fast, very limited parameter dependent and only requires local knowledge about the network topology. Furthermore, the community structures discovered by DOCA are(More)
CHIRALPAK IA, CHIRALPAK IB and CHIRALPAK IC are a new generation of chiral packing materials for resolution of enantiomers by chromatography. They are all prepared by chemical immobilisation of the respective polysaccharide derivatives onto a supporting silica matrix. The present article aims to establish an understanding of the global enantioselective(More)
Online Social Networks (OSNs) have recently emerged as one of the most effective channels for information sharing and discovery due to their ability of allowing users to read and create new content simultaneously. While this advantage provides users more rooms to decide which content to follow, it also makes OSNs fertile grounds for the wide spread of(More)
{ It has been demonstrated that wavelets compete well against DCT based image compression techniques 1]. However the advantages of nonseparable wavelet transforms for image and video coding have not yet been adequately explored. In this paper we discuss nonseparable wavelet transforms on the quincunx lattice and show that they have certain properties which(More)
Network coverage is one of the most decisive factors for determining the efficiency of a wireless sensor network. However, in dangerous or hostile environments such as battle fields or active volcano areas, we can neither deterministically or purposely deploy sensors as desired, thus the emergence of coverage holes (the unmonitored areas) is unavoidable. In(More)
CHIRALPAK IC is a new chiral stationary phase (CSP) made by immobilising cellulose tris(3,5-dichlorophenylcarbamate) on silica gel. The chiral selector is distinct from any other commercially available polysaccharide-based CSPs. Apart from its compatibility with the whole series of solvents; this CSP is able to operate under various chromatographic(More)