Dung H. M. Nguyen

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OBJECTIVE Information extraction and classification of clinical data are current challenges in natural language processing. This paper presents a cascaded method to deal with three different extractions and classifications in clinical data: concept annotation, assertion classification and relation classification. MATERIALS AND METHODS A pipeline system(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper presents an automated system for classifying the results of imaging examinations (CT, MRI, positron emission tomography) into reportable and non-reportable cancer cases. This system is part of an industrial-strength processing pipeline built to extract content from radiology reports for use in the Victorian Cancer Registry. MATERIALS(More)
In HTTP adaptive streaming, the length of each video segment is not strictly specified; choosing segment duration is an implementation-specific decision. In this paper, we evaluate the effects of segment duration to video streaming performance in various network conditions. By carrying out experiments we realize that the choice of segment duration has a(More)
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